Earn stuff using your idle computer


There are millions of computers sitting idle every day - turned on, yet not accomplishing anything. By runing the CoinLab Compute Client we transform that otherwise idle computing resource into valuable items.

Just choose a partner from the list below, download the client, and start earning!

How it Works

We partner with online game companies to deliver valuable in-game items that you would otherwise have to purchase. You simply download the client for your chosen game, type in your in-game username, and start running. As your computer solves problems, you earn more stuff.

Behind the scenes, the Compute Client is searching for Bitcoins. We convert the value of your computing into units of your in-game currency or special items, and purchase them on your behalf. As you earn stuff, it shows up directly in your game in real-time.

Note: The CoinLab Compute Client uses the power of your graphics card. If you're actively using your computer, it stops computing so we don't interfere with your work or gaming (although you can override this behavior in the program settings). So you'll generally be earning in-game credits while you away from your computer, not while you're actively playing a game.

We also have a charity version of the client; if you don't play any of the games listed below, you can run this version to send your computing earnings to a good cause. We send 100% of the proceeds to charity.

Give-A-Goat Charity Client

CoinLab’s Give a Goat program lets you donate your idle Graphics Card’s computational power to raise money to be donated a charitable organization.

Uber Compute Client

Uber Entertainment’s Super Monday Night Combat is a quirky, fast-paced, free-to-play third-person-shooter MOBA.  The Uber Compute For Keys client gives Keys that let you open Treasure Balls for random rare items.

Wurm Mining Client

Wurm Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG with a twist: players can terraform the landscape and build structures to change the in-game world.  The Wurm Mining Client lets you earn in-game Iron, which you can use to buy Premium game-time or to purchase in-game items.

Protected Pool

The CoinLab Protected pool is a 95% PPS Bitcoin Mining Pool, for experienced Bitcoin Miners.

Redeem Pool

The CoinLab Redeem pool is for Protected Pool users who are looking to redeem loyalty points.